We offer you pur hot melt adhesive composite machine, Intelligent cutting bed, bronzing machine, full automatic waterproof breathable film laminating machine, covering professional compound machine, glue dot transfer laminating machine, Disu, self-adhesive composite machine, flame laminating machine, spray composite machine, network with composite machine, abrasive paper composite machine, coating machine, dipping machine, laminating machine, cutting machine, transfer printing machine and other high-tech products.

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You can contact us by the following ways. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life and new and old customers to visit our company and negotiate, to discuss economic development!

Jiangsu Yuanhua Light Equipment Co., Ltd.

ADD:**** weiyi road,shoe machinery equipment park,dagang town,yancheng,jiangsu
CONTACT:Mr Guo (0)13770006789
E-mail:[email protected]
QQ: 705647651
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